“Chimpanzee Fire”

I recently watched a BBC documentary about the Congo. It was part of a larger documentary series on Africa narrated by David Attenborough that I highly recommend. Whenever I watch BBC nature documentaries I feel like I learn something new each time. But while I was watching Congo, one scene in particular caught my attention. … Continue reading “Chimpanzee Fire”


Welcome to “Forms of Life”

Welcome to "Forms of Life" Ben Buller, the newest addition to The Advanced Apes, introduces Forms of LIfe, a new blog.  Forms of Life will attempt to highlight good and bad treatment of science in popular and academic literature, as well as brainstorm interesting facets of the intersection between science and philosophy. Full Article: Welcome … Continue reading Welcome to “Forms of Life”

Super Volcanoes: Our Biggest Threat?

Super Volcanoes: Our Biggest Threat? There are few natural disasters that pose a threat to our species.  However, super volcanoes have devastated the global biosphere in the past and if one were to occur today, it would seriously destabilize our civilization.  At the moment our knowledge of super volcanoes is impoverished but current evidence suggests … Continue reading Super Volcanoes: Our Biggest Threat?

Shoulders of Giants

Shoulders of Giants Everyone is influenced by the accomplishments, thoughts and beliefs of the generations that preceded them.  As Sir Isaac Newton stated “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.  The following is a list of the top 10 modern scientists who have influenced my perceptions, ideas and … Continue reading Shoulders of Giants


Exoplanets A recent discovery in astronomy of an earth-sized planet 4.3 light years away may mark a threshold in the history of space exploration. If current trends in astronomy continue we may find an earth-sized planet in the habitable zone within the next few years. Cadell Last and Ryan Burke discuss. Podcast: Exoplanets on The … Continue reading Exoplanets

The Biggest Myth

The Biggest Myth Climate change skeptics frequently defend the idea that climate has always changed in the past and that recent increases in global temperature is part of a natural cycle.  However, this line of reasoning does not hold up to scrutiny and in the face of big history is misleading at best.  All research … Continue reading The Biggest Myth

Climate of Doubt (fear, corruption and lies)

Climate of Doubt (fear, corruption and lies) A few days ago I watched Climate of Doubt, a PBS documentary hosted by John Hockenberry.  Throughout the documentary Hockenberry reveals how the political desire and ability to reduce our carbon footprint has been transformed by money in politics.  Special interest groups have developed a successful tactic to combating … Continue reading Climate of Doubt (fear, corruption and lies)

Recent Discovery of an Earth-Sized Exoplanet in Context

Recent Discovery of an Earth-Sized Exoplanet in Context An Earth-sized planet was recently discovered in a star system 4.3 light years away from Earth.  Despite being Earth-sized, it is far too close to its host star to be able to support life.  However, this planet represents yet another continuation of an impressive trend in astronomy … Continue reading Recent Discovery of an Earth-Sized Exoplanet in Context

An Idea to Change All Ideas

An Idea to Change All Ideas Ray Kurzweil is a prolific inventor and futurist that believes that humanity is reaching a new epoch in the history of the universe, life and humanity: the technological singularity.  The technological singularity is a predicted point in time when humans and technology will completely merge to create a new … Continue reading An Idea to Change All Ideas

Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt. 2

Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt. 2 Evolutionary thought was in vogue among naturalists in the centuries leading up to the co-discovery of the theory of evolution by natural selection.  Several different European philosophers and scientists embraced the notion that life must have changed over time.  It was in this intellectual environment that Darwin and Wallace made … Continue reading Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt. 2