What Is Happiness?

What Is Happiness? What is happiness?  Academically, the concept of happiness has confused me for several years now.  So over the past few months I have been familiarizing myself with the “happiness literature” to attempt to find out what scientists know about what makes us happy, and why. Full Article: What Is Happiness? on The … Continue reading What Is Happiness?


Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Sandy completely devastated the east coast of North America a few weeks ago.  It was the largest and most intense known hurricane to ever affect northern North America.  Will this event be a catalyst for real political change re: global warming?  Cadell Last and Scott Rodgerson discuss. Podcast: Hurricane Sandy on The … Continue reading Hurricane Sandy

New Media Army

New Media Army The Young Turks and new media have changed political discourse in America over the past few years.  Their emergence and success has challenged the status quo.  Traditional media’s relentless divisiveness and misinformation campaigns should represent a tactic that cannot be effective in the age of new media.  The madness that was the … Continue reading New Media Army

The Biggest Myth

The Biggest Myth Climate change skeptics frequently defend the idea that climate has always changed in the past and that recent increases in global temperature is part of a natural cycle.  However, this line of reasoning does not hold up to scrutiny and in the face of big history is misleading at best.  All research … Continue reading The Biggest Myth

Climate of Doubt (fear, corruption and lies)

Climate of Doubt (fear, corruption and lies) A few days ago I watched Climate of Doubt, a PBS documentary hosted by John Hockenberry.  Throughout the documentary Hockenberry reveals how the political desire and ability to reduce our carbon footprint has been transformed by money in politics.  Special interest groups have developed a successful tactic to combating … Continue reading Climate of Doubt (fear, corruption and lies)

American Political Discourse

American Political Discourse Barack Obama and Mitt Romney participated in the second presidential debate last week and are making their last effort to win the American public.  Is the current structure of presidential debates conducive to honest conversation?  Have both candidates answered the most important questions for both America and the world?  Cadell Last and … Continue reading American Political Discourse

Developed World Economics for the 21st Century

Developed World Economics for the 21st Century Understanding how to organize a global economy has been one of the most difficult things for humans to do over the past few centuries.  As we enter the 21st century we need to learn from past economic structures and deconstruct what has worked best and what has failed. … Continue reading Developed World Economics for the 21st Century