The Adaptation Program

The Adaptation Program Yesterday, I read a famous scientific article on adaptation by evolutionary biologists Stephen J. Gould and Richard Lewontin, titled “The Spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian Paradigm: A Critique of the Adaptationist Programme” (Gould & Lewontin, 1979).  Gould & Lewontin criticize what they call the “adaptationist programme” school of thought within … Continue reading The Adaptation Program


Welcome to “Forms of Life”

Welcome to "Forms of Life" Ben Buller, the newest addition to The Advanced Apes, introduces Forms of LIfe, a new blog.  Forms of Life will attempt to highlight good and bad treatment of science in popular and academic literature, as well as brainstorm interesting facets of the intersection between science and philosophy. Full Article: Welcome … Continue reading Welcome to “Forms of Life”

Personal Influences

Personal Influences Regardless of the path in life that you follow, most of us were inspired by the generation that came before.  This inspiration creates a desire within us to build on what we were given and make the world a better place.  Evolutionary anthroplogists Cadell Last and Travis Steffens discuss the people that inspired … Continue reading Personal Influences

Underselling Science

Underselling Science I am an atheist, and I care about the way non-religious belief is communicated by atheists to the public.  Over the years, I have become increasingly disappointed with the way atheists explain our origins to the public.  In the future, I hope that we stop underselling how much science knows about “how we … Continue reading Underselling Science

Science Meets YouTube

Science Meets YouTube Over the last few weeks I have been interested in how new media is changing education.  YouTube has become an exciting avenue for a new generation of science educators to build a global audience.  In the future, we should be lucky enough to see more and more interesting and exciting educational channels.  … Continue reading Science Meets YouTube

Did Curiosity Discover Life On Mars?

Did Curiosity Discover Life On Mars? John Grotzinger, Curiosity’s chief scientist, recently revealed to NPR that the Mars rover has made a discovery “for the history books.”  Is it life?  There are several lines of evidence indicating that it is.  This would be the biggest scientific discovery of our generation.  If Curiosity did discover life, … Continue reading Did Curiosity Discover Life On Mars?

Rethinking Education

Rethinking Education The current educational structure is deeply flawed.  In an ideal world every student would have a one-on-one tutor.  However, for several reasons this is not a feasible teaching structure.  But with the development of new computer technologies, it may be possible one day for everyone to have a one-on-one personalized computer tutor.  This … Continue reading Rethinking Education

The Science of Genius

The Science of Genius Genius is a label that has been used to describe people of high achievement and people who have been thought to be far smarter than average.  However, understanding exactly how and why people label others genius is more complicated.  Cadell Last and Ryan Burke discuss. Podcast: The Science of Genius on … Continue reading The Science of Genius

A True Environmentalist

A True Environmentalist Jane Goodall is well-know for her work with chimpanzees in Tanzania.  However, her work attempting to protect the environment and conserve all life has been her greatest contribution and gift to our species and planet.  Although she will always be known as a famous primatologist, she is also a true environmentalist.  Full … Continue reading A True Environmentalist

Creationism in Public Schools

Creationism in Public Schools Creationism is still commonly taught in biology classrooms throughout North America.  Several states teach it 'along side' evolution.  What role should religion play in public school?  And specifically how should biology teachers approach creationist philosophy in class? Full Article: Creationism in Public Schools in The Advanced Apes