The Advanced Apes Podcast with Dr. Jonathan Marks

The Advanced Apes Podcast with Dr. Jonathan MarksFor the past few years, biological anthropologist Dr. Jonathan Marks has been a tremendous influence to me academically.  I love his books What It Means To Be 98% Chimpanzee, and Why I Am Not A Scientist.  Last week I had a chance to interview him for a The … Continue reading The Advanced Apes Podcast with Dr. Jonathan Marks


Personal Influences

Personal Influences Regardless of the path in life that you follow, most of us were inspired by the generation that came before.  This inspiration creates a desire within us to build on what we were given and make the world a better place.  Evolutionary anthroplogists Cadell Last and Travis Steffens discuss the people that inspired … Continue reading Personal Influences

Great Ape Language

Great Ape Language There has been continuous great ape language research for the past few decades.  What has this research told us about language in our closest relatives?  What can future research reveal about the origins of language and communication throughout the animal kingdom?  Cadell Last and Travis Steffens discuss. Full Podcast: Great Ape Language … Continue reading Great Ape Language

Chimpanzee Trafficking

Chimpanzee Trafficking Chimpanzee trafficking is a growing problem throughout the world.  Wild chimpanzees are taken from their troops illegally and sold overseas to zoos, hotels, and medical facilities in Europe, Asia, and North America.  Trafficking adds to the litany of problems chimpanzees already face, making it difficult to ensure their safety and survival in the … Continue reading Chimpanzee Trafficking

The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method The scientific method has had a major impact on discourse in the modern world.  It has had such a pervasive effect on thought that all other ways of knowing appear to be marginalized.  How does this change the way people perceive and understand the scientific method?  How are people who use others … Continue reading The Scientific Method

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Sandy completely devastated the east coast of North America a few weeks ago.  It was the largest and most intense known hurricane to ever affect northern North America.  Will this event be a catalyst for real political change re: global warming?  Cadell Last and Scott Rodgerson discuss. Podcast: Hurricane Sandy on The … Continue reading Hurricane Sandy

The Science of Genius

The Science of Genius Genius is a label that has been used to describe people of high achievement and people who have been thought to be far smarter than average.  However, understanding exactly how and why people label others genius is more complicated.  Cadell Last and Ryan Burke discuss. Podcast: The Science of Genius on … Continue reading The Science of Genius


Exoplanets A recent discovery in astronomy of an earth-sized planet 4.3 light years away may mark a threshold in the history of space exploration. If current trends in astronomy continue we may find an earth-sized planet in the habitable zone within the next few years. Cadell Last and Ryan Burke discuss. Podcast: Exoplanets on The … Continue reading Exoplanets

Climate of Doubt

Climate of Doubt There is currently a tremendous misinformation campaign being waged against climate science and politicians that want to create policies to prevent climate change. Unfortunately this issue can’t be solved if we wait for a partisan divide to be resolved. We need action from the most powerful country on the planet now. Cadell … Continue reading Climate of Doubt

American Political Discourse

American Political Discourse Barack Obama and Mitt Romney participated in the second presidential debate last week and are making their last effort to win the American public.  Is the current structure of presidential debates conducive to honest conversation?  Have both candidates answered the most important questions for both America and the world?  Cadell Last and … Continue reading American Political Discourse