Chapter 1 – Vacillating the Semblances

YouTube video here: Chapter 1 - Vacillating the Semblances In this second lecture of Less Than Nothing, we are starting the first chapter, which is the first of three chapters in Part 1 — The Drink Before, and entitled “Vacillating the Semblances”. In Vacillating the Semblances we are going to be focused mostly on what … Continue reading Chapter 1 – Vacillating the Semblances


The Real of Ayahuasca Visions

The following are narrative representations of the phenomenal content of ayahuasca visions.  These representations attempt to capture a depth and richness of cognitive activity that are admittedly "beyond representation".  The context of these descriptions are as follows: Each of the three events were the first three events of my personal experience experimenting with the states-of-mind … Continue reading The Real of Ayahuasca Visions

Welcome to “Forms of Life”

Welcome to "Forms of Life" Ben Buller, the newest addition to The Advanced Apes, introduces Forms of LIfe, a new blog.  Forms of Life will attempt to highlight good and bad treatment of science in popular and academic literature, as well as brainstorm interesting facets of the intersection between science and philosophy. Full Article: Welcome … Continue reading Welcome to “Forms of Life”