A Positive Spin on Global Warming

A Positive Spin on Global Warming Global Warming is a serious environmental problem.  However, if we had left fossil fuels in the ground we would encounter an Ice Age 1,500 years from now that would make North America and Eurasia uninhabitable.  Although, Global Warming poses many 21st century challenges, and we need to stop burning … Continue reading A Positive Spin on Global Warming


Super Volcanoes

Super Volcanoes Super Volcanoes are rare events that are 1,000x more powerful than a regular volcano.  They may be the most formidable natural phenomenon our species could encounter.  Is one likely to go off soon?  Should we prepare globally for such an event?  Cadell Last and Travis Steffens discuss. Podcast: Super Volcanoes on The Advanced Apes

The Sixth Mass Extinction

The Sixth Mass Extinction Humans have been reorganizing the global ecosystem ever since we first migrated out of Africa.  This has led to world organized around one species of megafauna, instead of a world organized around several megafauna.  As a consequence, we may be living through a mass extinction event 80,000 years in the making. … Continue reading The Sixth Mass Extinction

Super Volcanoes: Our Biggest Threat?

Super Volcanoes: Our Biggest Threat? There are few natural disasters that pose a threat to our species.  However, super volcanoes have devastated the global biosphere in the past and if one were to occur today, it would seriously destabilize our civilization.  At the moment our knowledge of super volcanoes is impoverished but current evidence suggests … Continue reading Super Volcanoes: Our Biggest Threat?

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Sandy completely devastated the east coast of North America a few weeks ago.  It was the largest and most intense known hurricane to ever affect northern North America.  Will this event be a catalyst for real political change re: global warming?  Cadell Last and Scott Rodgerson discuss. Podcast: Hurricane Sandy on The … Continue reading Hurricane Sandy

An Evolutionary Success!

An Evolutionary Success! Evolutionary biologists have recently revealed a phylogenetic tree which depicts the evolutionary relatedness of all birds.  Specifically it also reveals information about the tempo of bird evolution as well as the geographic locations of important diversification events.  These findings have important relevance, not only to understand the natural history of life, but … Continue reading An Evolutionary Success!

The Biggest Myth

The Biggest Myth Climate change skeptics frequently defend the idea that climate has always changed in the past and that recent increases in global temperature is part of a natural cycle.  However, this line of reasoning does not hold up to scrutiny and in the face of big history is misleading at best.  All research … Continue reading The Biggest Myth

Climate of Doubt

Climate of Doubt There is currently a tremendous misinformation campaign being waged against climate science and politicians that want to create policies to prevent climate change. Unfortunately this issue can’t be solved if we wait for a partisan divide to be resolved. We need action from the most powerful country on the planet now. Cadell … Continue reading Climate of Doubt

Climate of Doubt (fear, corruption and lies)

Climate of Doubt (fear, corruption and lies) A few days ago I watched Climate of Doubt, a PBS documentary hosted by John Hockenberry.  Throughout the documentary Hockenberry reveals how the political desire and ability to reduce our carbon footprint has been transformed by money in politics.  Special interest groups have developed a successful tactic to combating … Continue reading Climate of Doubt (fear, corruption and lies)

A True Environmentalist

A True Environmentalist Jane Goodall is well-know for her work with chimpanzees in Tanzania.  However, her work attempting to protect the environment and conserve all life has been her greatest contribution and gift to our species and planet.  Although she will always be known as a famous primatologist, she is also a true environmentalist.  Full … Continue reading A True Environmentalist