Underselling Science

Underselling Science I am an atheist, and I care about the way non-religious belief is communicated by atheists to the public.  Over the years, I have become increasingly disappointed with the way atheists explain our origins to the public.  In the future, I hope that we stop underselling how much science knows about “how we … Continue reading Underselling Science


Building The Genetic Bridge

Building The Genetic Bridge Scientists have discovered a gene that is unique to humans and plays a significant role in language and speech.  This may be one of the first functional genes identified that makes us different from the great apes.  However, we should expect to find other genes that play a critical role in … Continue reading Building The Genetic Bridge

The Curiosity Announcement

The Curiosity Announcement When Dr. John Grotzinger told NPR that the Mars rover had made a discovery “for the history books” everyone overreacted, including me.  Unfortunately, Curiosity did not discover microbial life, but they did discovery complex chemical compounds (e.g., carbon, chlorine).  This discovery, although still disappointing for many, raises a few very interesting questions.  … Continue reading The Curiosity Announcement

Science Meets YouTube

Science Meets YouTube Over the last few weeks I have been interested in how new media is changing education.  YouTube has become an exciting avenue for a new generation of science educators to build a global audience.  In the future, we should be lucky enough to see more and more interesting and exciting educational channels.  … Continue reading Science Meets YouTube

New Media Army

New Media Army The Young Turks and new media have changed political discourse in America over the past few years.  Their emergence and success has challenged the status quo.  Traditional media’s relentless divisiveness and misinformation campaigns should represent a tactic that cannot be effective in the age of new media.  The madness that was the … Continue reading New Media Army

Climate of Doubt

Climate of Doubt There is currently a tremendous misinformation campaign being waged against climate science and politicians that want to create policies to prevent climate change. Unfortunately this issue can’t be solved if we wait for a partisan divide to be resolved. We need action from the most powerful country on the planet now. Cadell … Continue reading Climate of Doubt

Climate of Doubt (fear, corruption and lies)

Climate of Doubt (fear, corruption and lies) A few days ago I watched Climate of Doubt, a PBS documentary hosted by John Hockenberry.  Throughout the documentary Hockenberry reveals how the political desire and ability to reduce our carbon footprint has been transformed by money in politics.  Special interest groups have developed a successful tactic to combating … Continue reading Climate of Doubt (fear, corruption and lies)

Welcome to the Strange World of Ken Ham

Welcome to the Strange World of Ken Ham Ken Ham is a Young-Earth Creationist (YEC) and president of the Creation Museum.  On August 29th he released a response video to Bill Nye's viral Big Think video re: the dangers of teaching creationism to children.  Within his response we get a chance to dissect what it … Continue reading Welcome to the Strange World of Ken Ham

A Conservation Story Gone Bad

A Conservation Story Gone Bad In a recent conservation documentary by the BBC the social dynamics between the Afar tribe and the baboons are explored.  Throughout the documentary conservation biologist Mat Pines attempts to build a positive relationship with the tribe but ends up failing to understand the root of the conflict. Full Article: A … Continue reading A Conservation Story Gone Bad

Prometheus Fails

Prometheus Fails Science fiction in the media is often judged based on how scientifically accurate or plausible the story is.  Prometheus tells the story of humanity visiting another habitable planet for the first time.  During this trip they encounter another intelligent civilization.  How realistic was this story?  Did it depict a plausible scenario? Full Article: … Continue reading Prometheus Fails