Rethinking Education

Rethinking Education The current educational structure is deeply flawed.  In an ideal world every student would have a one-on-one tutor.  However, for several reasons this is not a feasible teaching structure.  But with the development of new computer technologies, it may be possible one day for everyone to have a one-on-one personalized computer tutor.  This … Continue reading Rethinking Education


New Media Army

New Media Army The Young Turks and new media have changed political discourse in America over the past few years.  Their emergence and success has challenged the status quo.  Traditional media’s relentless divisiveness and misinformation campaigns should represent a tactic that cannot be effective in the age of new media.  The madness that was the … Continue reading New Media Army

Shoulders of Giants

Shoulders of Giants Everyone is influenced by the accomplishments, thoughts and beliefs of the generations that preceded them.  As Sir Isaac Newton stated “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.  The following is a list of the top 10 modern scientists who have influenced my perceptions, ideas and … Continue reading Shoulders of Giants

The Singularity

The Singularity The Singularity is the concept that predicts humans will completely merge with their technology in the near future (2040s).  Many futurists, including prolific inventor Ray Kurzweil, believes that this is an evolutionary inevitability.  Is the singularity inevitable?  And if it is, what will happen afterwards?  Cadell Last and Scott Rodgerson discuss. Podcast: The … Continue reading The Singularity

An Idea to Change All Ideas

An Idea to Change All Ideas Ray Kurzweil is a prolific inventor and futurist that believes that humanity is reaching a new epoch in the history of the universe, life and humanity: the technological singularity.  The technological singularity is a predicted point in time when humans and technology will completely merge to create a new … Continue reading An Idea to Change All Ideas

Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt. 2

Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt. 2 Evolutionary thought was in vogue among naturalists in the centuries leading up to the co-discovery of the theory of evolution by natural selection.  Several different European philosophers and scientists embraced the notion that life must have changed over time.  It was in this intellectual environment that Darwin and Wallace made … Continue reading Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt. 2

A True Environmentalist

A True Environmentalist Jane Goodall is well-know for her work with chimpanzees in Tanzania.  However, her work attempting to protect the environment and conserve all life has been her greatest contribution and gift to our species and planet.  Although she will always be known as a famous primatologist, she is also a true environmentalist.  Full … Continue reading A True Environmentalist

Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt. 1

Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt. 1 Intellectuals have been discussing the idea of biological evolution for much longer than is generally believed.  Evolutionary thought has its roots in ancient Eurasian intellectual traditions and was widely discussed for centuries before the rise of Christianity. Full Article: Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt.1 on The Advanced Apes

Can There Be Another Jane Goodall?

Can There Be Another Jane Goodall? Charles Darwin, Louis Leakey and Jane Goodall are all evolutionary pioneers and intellectual pillars of contemporary evolutionary thought.  However, their discoveries and contributions to the various evolutionary fields were uniquely historically contingent.  Is it possible for any modern day evolutionary academics to make comparable breakthroughs? Full Article: Can There … Continue reading Can There Be Another Jane Goodall?

Meeting With Jane

Meeting With Jane Jane Goodall has been a tremendous influence to me academically.  Her research inspired me to study chimpanzees, learn about human evolution and attempt to make a career for myself in academia.  Recently I had a chance to meet and speak with her and it was once of the most memorable events in … Continue reading Meeting With Jane