Official Publications:


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Working Papers / Other-Ongoing Projects:

  • Last, C. 2020. Dialectical Engagement. [link]
  • Last, C. 2019. Systems Theory and Subjectivity Booklet. BCSSS. [link]
  • Last, C. 2018. Global Brain Singularity: Universal history, future evolution and humanity’s dialectical horizon. [Working PhD Thesis] [link]
  • Last, C. 2018. Global Brain: Foundations for a Distributed Singularity. [link]
  • Werner, B. & Last, C.  2018.  Physics and Consciousness: A Philosophical Dialogue on the Nature of Subject-Object Division. [link]
  • Last, C., Werner, B. & Weyenbergh, G.V.  2018.  Physical Emergence of Subject-Object Division (and a dialectical approach to reconciliation).  [link]
  • Last, C.  2018.  Symbolic Orders and Structure of Universal Internalization.  [link]
  • Last, C.  2018.  Cosmic evolutionary philosophy and a dialectical approach to singularity (long-form, working). [link]
  • Last, C.  2017.  Virtual Physics (table). [link]
  • Last, C.  2017.  Temporality in scientific language and the temporality of historical language.  [link]
  • Last, C.  2017.  Towards a big historical understanding of symbolic-imaginary. [link]
  • Last, C.  2015.  Singularity!  Communism!  Apocalypse! [link]
  • Last, C.  2015.  Offer Networks. [link]
  • Last, C.  2014.  Global Brain Brochure. [link]
  • Last, C.  2014.  Global Brain FAQ. [link]
  • Last, C.  2014.  Distributed Digital Democracy. [link]
  • Last, C. & Kyriazis, M.  2014.  A Survey of Transhumanist Perspectives on Radical Life Extension. [link]
  • [link]

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