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I’m an anthropologist (M.Sc.) and philosopher (Ph.D. candidate) with an interest in biocultural evolution,  the mind-physics relation, and futures situated within a big historical context.  I am currently working as a Ph.D. student at the Global Brain Institute embedded within the Evolution, Cognition, and COmplexity (ECCO) group, a blogger/vlogger attempting to build psychoanalytically grounded philosophical theory, and an entrepreneur with Meoh working on the foundations for new social relations.  Below you will find a sample of my academic publications, working papers, ongoing projects, as well as a sample of my popular science writing:

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My official blog is at The Advanced Apes, but I also post via the Huffington Post, and have published independently with Scientific American, Humanity+ Magazine, Business Insider, Serious Wonder, Singularity Hub, Svbtle, Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, American Humanist, among others.  Here is a selected sample:

I have also built an animated science channel with animator/illustrator Alicia Herbert (partnered with PBS Digital Studios).  The channel explores evolutionary science and futurism.  You can find some of the videos below:

Finally, I’m generally interested in podcasts, radio, and other mediums for sharing ideas.  Here are a sample of appearances:

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