The Importance of Evolutionary Anthropology

The Importance of Evolutionary Anthropology As an evolutionary anthropologist, I am constantly confronted with the public perception that anthropology has no practical utility.  Throughout America and Canada, there is a disturbingly negative perception of anthropological inquiry.  This is why Governor Rick Scott was confident to proclaim that anthropology was not a vital interest to the … Continue reading The Importance of Evolutionary Anthropology


Rethinking Education

Rethinking Education The current educational structure is deeply flawed.  In an ideal world every student would have a one-on-one tutor.  However, for several reasons this is not a feasible teaching structure.  But with the development of new computer technologies, it may be possible one day for everyone to have a one-on-one personalized computer tutor.  This … Continue reading Rethinking Education

New Media Army

New Media Army The Young Turks and new media have changed political discourse in America over the past few years.  Their emergence and success has challenged the status quo.  Traditional media’s relentless divisiveness and misinformation campaigns should represent a tactic that cannot be effective in the age of new media.  The madness that was the … Continue reading New Media Army

The Biggest Myth

The Biggest Myth Climate change skeptics frequently defend the idea that climate has always changed in the past and that recent increases in global temperature is part of a natural cycle.  However, this line of reasoning does not hold up to scrutiny and in the face of big history is misleading at best.  All research … Continue reading The Biggest Myth

Presidential Candidates on Science

Presidential Candidates on Science The 2012 American presidential candidates frequently discuss economic and social issues.  However, they are very rarely made to discuss the most important scientific issues of the day, despite the fact that our future as a species depends on scientific literacy and competence.  In a recent science debate the two candidates discussed … Continue reading Presidential Candidates on Science

A Good or Bad Exchange?

A Good or Bad Exchange? The world changed in profound ways after 1492.  The Columbian Exchange resulted in the transfer of divergent and previously isolated flora and fauna becoming transported to new landscapes.  This forever changed natural history and human history.  However, did the Columbian exchange reap irreparable damage on the biosphere as a whole? … Continue reading A Good or Bad Exchange?

Do We Deserve Mars?

Do We Deserve Mars? In the coming decades humans will have to make a decision about whether our species is ready to colonize another planet.  This may result in the possibility of permanent settlement.  However, this raises important moral question regarding our presence in the universe.  Currently, we are engaging in global activities that are … Continue reading Do We Deserve Mars?

Developed World Economics for the 21st Century

Developed World Economics for the 21st Century Understanding how to organize a global economy has been one of the most difficult things for humans to do over the past few centuries.  As we enter the 21st century we need to learn from past economic structures and deconstruct what has worked best and what has failed. … Continue reading Developed World Economics for the 21st Century