Jacques Lacan and the Imaginary-Symbolic-Real

Video: Jacques Lacan and the Imaginary-Symbolic-Real In this [essay] I want to introduce you to psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan’s concept of the triadic structure of the mind under the notions of the imaginary-symbolic-real formula. However, I not only want to introduce you to this concept, I also want to attempt to convince you that the geometrical … Continue reading Jacques Lacan and the Imaginary-Symbolic-Real


Slavoj Žižek or Jordan Peterson? Both Please!

Video: Slavoj Žižek or Jordan Peterson?  Both Please! So it seems like Žižek heard the criticisms regarding his approach to the political phenomenon of Jordan Peterson and has responded quite clearly. In this response he attempts to remind us of the ways in which the “radical left” or the “identity politics” left has marginalized his voice … Continue reading Slavoj Žižek or Jordan Peterson? Both Please!

Introduction: Eppur Si Muove

YouTube video here: Introduction -- Eppur Si Muove In this series we are going to attempt to go through chapter by chapter Hegelian philosopher Slavoj Žižek’s major works Less Than Nothing: Hegel and the Shadow of Dialectical Materialism (2012).  The point of this overview and analysis is to open to a broader audience the main ideas … Continue reading Introduction: Eppur Si Muove

The Real of Ayahuasca Visions

The following are narrative representations of the phenomenal content of ayahuasca visions.  These representations attempt to capture a depth and richness of cognitive activity that are admittedly "beyond representation".  The context of these descriptions are as follows: Each of the three events were the first three events of my personal experience experimenting with the states-of-mind … Continue reading The Real of Ayahuasca Visions


(American Society for Cybernetics - 2014) Global Brain and the Future of Human Society (Poster: World Future Society - 2014) End of Biological Reproduction (Poster: Rejuvenation Biotechnology - 2014) (Pathways to Indefinite Lifespans - 2014) (Global Brain Speaker Series - 2013) Chimpanzee Nest Construction in Southwest Cameroon (Poster: Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology - 2010)


“The Advanced Apes provides bite-sized lessons on topics connected to evolutionary anthropology that are both informative and entertaining. It is sure to stimulate discussion!” – Dr. Joyce Parga (Professor of Anthropology at University of Toronto) “The Advanced Apes website and blog provides strong, thoughtful and honest insight into the world of evolutionary biology, with a … Continue reading Endorsements

A ‘Great’ Crisis

Change is in you

I have been thinking a great deal about happiness and how we can best study the happiness of our species.  That is why a recent study on great ape mood caught my eye.  I found it quite insightful.  The study was led by psychologist Alexander Weiss, who investigated patterns of well-being in two great ape species: chimpanzees and orangutans (Coles, 2012).  In this study, Weiss and his colleagues wanted to understand if our closest relatives share the same general life pattern of well-being that humans seem to possess.  Social scientists have established that humans experience a U-shaped pattern of well-being.  This means that as a species we tend to experience greatest mental health in youth, become far less happy throughout midlife, and then become happier again in old age (Weiss et al., 2012).  This seems to be a general pattern regardless of various socio-cultural and economic factors.  The study by…

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The Advanced Apes Podcast with Dr. Jonathan Marks

The Advanced Apes Podcast with Dr. Jonathan MarksFor the past few years, biological anthropologist Dr. Jonathan Marks has been a tremendous influence to me academically.  I love his books What It Means To Be 98% Chimpanzee, and Why I Am Not A Scientist.  Last week I had a chance to interview him for a The … Continue reading The Advanced Apes Podcast with Dr. Jonathan Marks

Are Chimpanzees Cultural?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhacaxJ240Q For the past two months I, along with my two friends Alicia Herbert and Drew Hewitt, have been working on launching a new YouTube channel. We want this channel to be educational and focus on evolutionary and environmental science. Our first video is on chimpanzee culture. If you have any thoughts or comments, I … Continue reading Are Chimpanzees Cultural?

Change is in you

I recently watched a BBC documentary about the Congo. It was part of a larger documentary series on Africa narrated by David Attenborough that I highly recommend. Whenever I watch BBC nature documentaries I feel like I learn something new each time. But while I was watching Congo, one scene in particular caught my attention. It was a scene on “chimpanzee fire.” Immediately my curiosity piqued. In the scene, a camera panned across a dark forest floor, and within moments it started coming to life with a green glow.

Was it chimpanzee fire? Unfortunately, it was not. It was bioluminescent fungi that the local Congolese call “chimpanzee fire.” Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. Several animal, plant, and fungi species have adapted the ability to produce their own light, and it serves many important functions. I actually had a chance to learn a lot…

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