Chimpanzee Trafficking

Chimpanzee Trafficking Chimpanzee trafficking is a growing problem throughout the world.  Wild chimpanzees are taken from their troops illegally and sold overseas to zoos, hotels, and medical facilities in Europe, Asia, and North America.  Trafficking adds to the litany of problems chimpanzees already face, making it difficult to ensure their safety and survival in the … Continue reading Chimpanzee Trafficking


Super Volcanoes: Our Biggest Threat?

Super Volcanoes: Our Biggest Threat? There are few natural disasters that pose a threat to our species.  However, super volcanoes have devastated the global biosphere in the past and if one were to occur today, it would seriously destabilize our civilization.  At the moment our knowledge of super volcanoes is impoverished but current evidence suggests … Continue reading Super Volcanoes: Our Biggest Threat?

The State of Things

The State of Things African great ape populations are facing several anthropogenic threats (e.g., hunting, disease transmission, habitat loss).  A recent study has revealed that habitat loss may be the most critical and is a far larger threat than previously believed by experts.  If the rate of habitat loss continues to increase, the African great … Continue reading The State of Things

A World With More Than One Human Species

A World With More Than One Human Species For most of our species existence we shared this planet with other humans (i.e., Neaderthals, Denisova).  They co-existed in many regions throughout Eurasia for tens of thousands of years.  What was their relationship like?  And what would our world look like today if there were more than … Continue reading A World With More Than One Human Species

A Good or Bad Exchange?

A Good or Bad Exchange? The world changed in profound ways after 1492.  The Columbian Exchange resulted in the transfer of divergent and previously isolated flora and fauna becoming transported to new landscapes.  This forever changed natural history and human history.  However, did the Columbian exchange reap irreparable damage on the biosphere as a whole? … Continue reading A Good or Bad Exchange?