The State of Things

The State of Things African great ape populations are facing several anthropogenic threats (e.g., hunting, disease transmission, habitat loss).  A recent study has revealed that habitat loss may be the most critical and is a far larger threat than previously believed by experts.  If the rate of habitat loss continues to increase, the African great … Continue reading The State of Things


Presidential Candidates on Science

Presidential Candidates on Science The 2012 American presidential candidates frequently discuss economic and social issues.  However, they are very rarely made to discuss the most important scientific issues of the day, despite the fact that our future as a species depends on scientific literacy and competence.  In a recent science debate the two candidates discussed … Continue reading Presidential Candidates on Science

A Good or Bad Exchange?

A Good or Bad Exchange? The world changed in profound ways after 1492.  The Columbian Exchange resulted in the transfer of divergent and previously isolated flora and fauna becoming transported to new landscapes.  This forever changed natural history and human history.  However, did the Columbian exchange reap irreparable damage on the biosphere as a whole? … Continue reading A Good or Bad Exchange?