Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt. 2

Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt. 2 Evolutionary thought was in vogue among naturalists in the centuries leading up to the co-discovery of the theory of evolution by natural selection.  Several different European philosophers and scientists embraced the notion that life must have changed over time.  It was in this intellectual environment that Darwin and Wallace made … Continue reading Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt. 2


Creationism in Public Schools

Creationism in Public Schools Creationism is still commonly taught in biology classrooms throughout North America.  Several states teach it 'along side' evolution.  What role should religion play in public school?  And specifically how should biology teachers approach creationist philosophy in class? Full Article: Creationism in Public Schools in The Advanced Apes

Decoding Our Family

Decoding Our Family In 2000 we sequenced the human genome.  Over the past decade primatologists have decoded the genome of all great apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos and orangutans).  Now we can compare, contrast and learn more about our genetic relationship with our closest relatives.  Throughout that time we have learned a tremendous amount about their … Continue reading Decoding Our Family

A Conservation Story Gone Bad

A Conservation Story Gone Bad In a recent conservation documentary by the BBC the social dynamics between the Afar tribe and the baboons are explored.  Throughout the documentary conservation biologist Mat Pines attempts to build a positive relationship with the tribe but ends up failing to understand the root of the conflict. Full Article: A … Continue reading A Conservation Story Gone Bad

Diurnality, Nocturnality, & Cathemerality

Diurnality, Nocturnality, & Cathemerality Understanding animal behaviour in the classroom is much different than understanding animal behaviour in the field.  During my research trip to St. Catherines Island to study ring-tailed lemur activity patterns I realized that concepts I thought I understood were more problematic than they were helpful.  Full Article: Diurnality, Nocturnality & Cathemerality … Continue reading Diurnality, Nocturnality, & Cathemerality

Among African Apes

Among African Apes What is it like to be a primatologist?  There are several misconceptions and many people are interested in our closest relatives, but few people know exactly what it's like to conduct a primate field survey.  Among African Apes transports you into the researchers world and introduces you to several important aspects of … Continue reading Among African Apes

Prometheus Fails

Prometheus Fails Science fiction in the media is often judged based on how scientifically accurate or plausible the story is.  Prometheus tells the story of humanity visiting another habitable planet for the first time.  During this trip they encounter another intelligent civilization.  How realistic was this story?  Did it depict a plausible scenario? Full Article: … Continue reading Prometheus Fails

The Discontinuous Mind

The Discontinuous Mind Humans are programmed to think discontinuously.  As a result we have trouble conceptualizing anything that does not have a clear and easily defined start and end.  Evolutionary educators must understand that this is a fundamental reason why evolutionary thought and the theory for evolution in general meet so much skepticism and incredulity. … Continue reading The Discontinuous Mind

Sharing A Divided World

Sharing A Divided World During my undergraduate career I was fully immersed in a four-field approach to anthropological learning.  During this experience I found that there is severe division between the four fields that is detrimental to the subject as a whole.  In the future anthropologists need to be open to greater collaboration and integration. … Continue reading Sharing A Divided World

A Plea For Our Sister Species

A Plea For Our Sister Species Why is the human species seven billion strong while our closest relatives are on the brink of extinction?  In order to understand this survival discrepancy, we must first understand our shared evolutionary history. Full Article: A Plea For Our Sister Species on The Advanced Apes