Welcome to the South

Welcome to the South ​ During a research trip in the south I encountered a culture I had read and heard about, but had never directly experienced.  As a result I did experience a degree of culture shock.  Throughout the experience I spoke with a few different people about some sensitive issues and had to … Continue reading Welcome to the South


Joking About Race

Joking About Race Comedians frequently joke about controversial or sensitive issues.  However, is joking about race ever acceptable?  Do people who frequently make racial jokes on some level actually racist?  Does it perpetuate stereotypes and negatively effect social integration in the western world?  I recently encountered a situation that made me re-think many of these … Continue reading Joking About Race

The Discontinuous Mind

The Discontinuous Mind Humans are programmed to think discontinuously.  As a result we have trouble conceptualizing anything that does not have a clear and easily defined start and end.  Evolutionary educators must understand that this is a fundamental reason why evolutionary thought and the theory for evolution in general meet so much skepticism and incredulity. … Continue reading The Discontinuous Mind