Communicating With Bonobos

Communicating With Bonobos Panbanisha (Nov 17, 1985-Nov 6, 2012) died recently from a cold at The Great Ape Trust.  Her entire life was a linguistic experiment that taught us a great deal about the linguistic capabilities of apes, and also what separates our species from the great apes.  Future research into the origins of language, … Continue reading Communicating With Bonobos


Shoulders of Giants

Shoulders of Giants Everyone is influenced by the accomplishments, thoughts and beliefs of the generations that preceded them.  As Sir Isaac Newton stated “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.  The following is a list of the top 10 modern scientists who have influenced my perceptions, ideas and … Continue reading Shoulders of Giants

Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt. 2

Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt. 2 Evolutionary thought was in vogue among naturalists in the centuries leading up to the co-discovery of the theory of evolution by natural selection.  Several different European philosophers and scientists embraced the notion that life must have changed over time.  It was in this intellectual environment that Darwin and Wallace made … Continue reading Evolutionary Thought Pre-Darwin Pt. 2

The State of Things

The State of Things African great ape populations are facing several anthropogenic threats (e.g., hunting, disease transmission, habitat loss).  A recent study has revealed that habitat loss may be the most critical and is a far larger threat than previously believed by experts.  If the rate of habitat loss continues to increase, the African great … Continue reading The State of Things

Meeting With Jane

Meeting With Jane Jane Goodall has been a tremendous influence to me academically.  Her research inspired me to study chimpanzees, learn about human evolution and attempt to make a career for myself in academia.  Recently I had a chance to meet and speak with her and it was once of the most memorable events in … Continue reading Meeting With Jane

Global Religiosity

Global Religiosity A recent global religiosity and atheism survey was conducted by the Pew Research Center.  The results indicate that overall religious belief is declining and atheism is growing.  However, most humans on the planet still adhere to a religion and that belief seems to be dependent on a number of predictable variables. Full Article: … Continue reading Global Religiosity

A World With More Than One Human Species

A World With More Than One Human Species For most of our species existence we shared this planet with other humans (i.e., Neaderthals, Denisova).  They co-existed in many regions throughout Eurasia for tens of thousands of years.  What was their relationship like?  And what would our world look like today if there were more than … Continue reading A World With More Than One Human Species

Decoding Our Family

Decoding Our Family In 2000 we sequenced the human genome.  Over the past decade primatologists have decoded the genome of all great apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos and orangutans).  Now we can compare, contrast and learn more about our genetic relationship with our closest relatives.  Throughout that time we have learned a tremendous amount about their … Continue reading Decoding Our Family

Evolution of Primate Sleep

Evolution of Primate Sleep Throughout my young career as a primate researcher I have focused on sleeping patterns in two different species (chimpanzees and ring-tailed lemurs).  This research has helped me piece together some of the most important patterns and trends that have characterized the evolution of primate sleep. Full Article: Evolution of Primate Sleep … Continue reading Evolution of Primate Sleep

Diurnality, Nocturnality, & Cathemerality

Diurnality, Nocturnality, & Cathemerality Understanding animal behaviour in the classroom is much different than understanding animal behaviour in the field.  During my research trip to St. Catherines Island to study ring-tailed lemur activity patterns I realized that concepts I thought I understood were more problematic than they were helpful.  Full Article: Diurnality, Nocturnality & Cathemerality … Continue reading Diurnality, Nocturnality, & Cathemerality