Personal Influences

Personal Influences Regardless of the path in life that you follow, most of us were inspired by the generation that came before.  This inspiration creates a desire within us to build on what we were given and make the world a better place.  Evolutionary anthroplogists Cadell Last and Travis Steffens discuss the people that inspired … Continue reading Personal Influences


The Substrate of Mind

The Substrate of Mind The likelihood of a transition to a planet dominated by non-biological intelligence is essentially dependent on one large philosophical assumption: that the substrate of intelligence and consciousness is unimportant.  Although I contend that this is currently an unanswerable question, the answer may define our future. Full Article: The Substrate of Mind … Continue reading The Substrate of Mind

Underselling Science

Underselling Science I am an atheist, and I care about the way non-religious belief is communicated by atheists to the public.  Over the years, I have become increasingly disappointed with the way atheists explain our origins to the public.  In the future, I hope that we stop underselling how much science knows about “how we … Continue reading Underselling Science

Great Ape Language

Great Ape Language There has been continuous great ape language research for the past few decades.  What has this research told us about language in our closest relatives?  What can future research reveal about the origins of language and communication throughout the animal kingdom?  Cadell Last and Travis Steffens discuss. Full Podcast: Great Ape Language … Continue reading Great Ape Language

The Human Neocortex

The Human Neocortex In How To Create A Mind by Ray Kurzweil, the importance of the human neocortex is explored.  What is important about the human neocortex?  How did it evolve in our species?  The answer to these questions can shed light on one of the most important evolutionary developments in the history of life on Earth. … Continue reading The Human Neocortex

What Is More of a Threat to Science: Scientific Racism or Unscientific Creationism?

As an evolutionary anthropologist, I am uniquely situated within science to encounter racist and/or creationist thought.  Evolutionary anthropology produces the authoritative story of who we are and where we came from.  As such, it is impossible to de-politicize the subject.  It is also impossible to achieve complete objectivity.  The narrative evolutionary anthropologists construct of our … Continue reading What Is More of a Threat to Science: Scientific Racism or Unscientific Creationism?

Top Science Discoveries of 2012

Top Science Discoveries of 2012 This is my personal top 25 discoveries and stories from the world of science this year.  In terms of criteria I basically wanted to make a list of what I thought was interesting or important, and I wanted to try and equally represent discoveries in the environmental, physical, life, and … Continue reading Top Science Discoveries of 2012

Building A Heart

At the moment I am currently organizing the top science discoveries and achievements of 2012 for my site The Advanced Apes.  While researching discoveries in health and technology, I couldn't help but marvel in the advancements in stem cell application (Academic Article).  While doing this research I was able to put these developments in the context … Continue reading Building A Heart

Singularity Failure

Singularity Failure I recently read an article by computer scientist Vernor Vinge titled “What If the Singularity Does NOT Happen.”  I have become so accustomed to thinking about our future in the context of a technological singularity that a future without one seems strange.  What would it mean for our species in the long-term? Full … Continue reading Singularity Failure

Writing for Scientific American

Hi everyone,I plan on using this blog as a personal outlet, as opposed to the writing I do for The Advanced Apes in The Ratchet, which is specifically focused on big history and evolutionary studies.Over the past few months I have been trying to improve my abilities as a science writer through my website.  However, … Continue reading Writing for Scientific American