Top Science Discoveries of 2012

Top Science Discoveries of 2012

science disc

This is my personal top 25 discoveries and stories from the world of science this year.  In terms of criteria I basically wanted to make a list of what I thought was interesting or important, and I wanted to try and equally represent discoveries in the environmental, physical, life, and social sciences.  I did purposefully leave out more applied scientific discoveries in health and technology, just because it is hard for me to rank and quantify their importance next to more theoretical and conceptual breakthroughs.  This list is solely my opinion, there were a lot of interesting discoveries that I had to leave off the list.  Its purpose is to be thought provoking, inspire a broad interest in science and give people a snapshot of what the world’s best researchers are discovering about our Universe!

Full Article: Top Science Discoveries of 2012 on The Advanced Apes


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