An Idea to Change All Ideas

An Idea to Change All Ideas Ray Kurzweil is a prolific inventor and futurist that believes that humanity is reaching a new epoch in the history of the universe, life and humanity: the technological singularity.  The technological singularity is a predicted point in time when humans and technology will completely merge to create a new … Continue reading An Idea to Change All Ideas

Do We Deserve Mars?

Do We Deserve Mars? In the coming decades humans will have to make a decision about whether our species is ready to colonize another planet.  This may result in the possibility of permanent settlement.  However, this raises important moral question regarding our presence in the universe.  Currently, we are engaging in global activities that are … Continue reading Do We Deserve Mars?

The Inevitable Collision

The Inevitable Collision Astronomers have recently confirmed that the Andromeda galaxy and the Milky Way galaxy are on an unavoidable collision course.  These two gigantic galaxies should collide in within the next 3.5 billion years.  If humans - or some future form of our species exists during this collision, how will we be effected?  What … Continue reading The Inevitable Collision