Good Job: What Does Hubski Badge?

Good Job: What Does Hubski Badge?By Cadell Last (Hubski user: theadvancedapes)Introduction Hubski is a social network and link-aggregating service that has built a strong and growing community.  They have accomplished this by promoting thoughtfulness and providing an enriching environment for discussion.  Over the past two weeks, several Hubski users (e.g., JakobVirgil, rozap, theadvancedapes) have conducted studies … Continue reading Good Job: What Does Hubski Badge?


Quantifying Thoughtfulness: Relationship between important Hubski user data reveals comment popularity rank misrepresentation.  By Cadell Last (Hubski user: theadvancedapes)IntroductionHubski is a quickly growing social network and link aggregating service. The site focuses on promoting thoughtful discussion regarding a diverse number of topics including (but not limited to) music, politics, science, technology, history, space, and economics. … Continue reading