New Project and Email List

I have a special announcement for anyone who has been following this blog, specifically people who have been attentive to the work on Less Than NothingWhat Is Sex?, and Phenomenology of Spirit last year.  The first thing to note is that I plan to finish these projects even if it will take time and perhaps take a new form.  The second thing to note is that my work has got a new second home:

What I would ask of anyone who is following this blog is to quickly head over to and sign up to my new mailing list where you will receive information about new projects.  To be specific I am working on an introductory philosophy webinar focused on self exploration.  I hope that this philosophy webinar will be the start to a new form of online expression where I can be more interactive with the people who follow my work, and more impactful with the way in which I can help others understand core concepts in philosophy.

And if you are wondering I do plan on eventually releasing material related to a masterclass focused on the work of the Slovenian psychoanalytic school, including focus on Žižek, Zupančič and Dolar.


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