Global Brain Singularity: Universal History and Future Evolution

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PhD Thesis overview

In this presentation I attempt to present some of the core ideas from the first three sections of my PhD Thesis “Global Brain Singularity: Universal History, Future Evolution and Humanity’s Dialectical Horizon”. This presentation was hosted live at the Bertalanffy Center for Study of Systems Science (BCSSS) on September 25 2018 with Director Stefan Blachfellner.

Summary link:…

Presentation structure:

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Universal History
  • Part 2: Global Metasystem
  • Part 3: New Evolution
  • Part 4: Q & A

ABSTRACT: This work attempts to approach an understanding of global brain singularity through a logical meditation on temporal dynamics of universal process.  Here global brain singularity is conceived of as a future metasystem transition mediated by psychosocial and technological mechanisms towards a higher qualitative level of existence.  In order to better understand this phenomenon we start with an overview of universal history with the tools of big history and cosmic evolution, which situate humans in relation to a material complexification from big bang to global civilization.  From this exploration we then focus precisely on the complex dynamics of the human system as it has evolved from local hunter-gatherer bands to a global interconnected network of nation-states and international organizations. In light of this analysis we attempt to theoretically mediate global civilization with new concepts relevant to the future of politics, economics and psychosocial life in general.  We then analyze humans as biocultural evolutionary agents of this future metasystem in order to understand the fundamentals of growth, reproduction and their possible transformations in a global brain. This analysis gives us the framework we need to develop sophisticated speculations on the future of evolution into the deeper future. Finally, we leave universal history and future evolution behind, bringing our attention back to the internal depths of the present moment.  In this move we attempt to understand the structure of contemporary knowledge, introducing pathways that may be explored, and tools that may be utilized by human minds in order to make intelligent and reasonable interventions in universal process.

Relevant literature to the foundation of this work can be found at:


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