“The Advanced Apes provides bite-sized lessons on topics connected to evolutionary anthropology that are both informative and entertaining. It is sure to stimulate discussion!” – Dr. Joyce Parga (Professor of Anthropology at University of Toronto)

“The Advanced Apes website and blog provides strong, thoughtful and honest insight into the world of evolutionary biology, with a voice that all can understand and appreciate. ROM Biodiversity is a big fan of Cadell and his work, and we look forward to collaborating in the future.” – Dave Ireland (Managing Director, ROM Biodiversity)

“The Advanced Apes is a great source for insight into the ideas and implications behind what’s happening in contemporary science.” – Mark Katakowski (Creator of Hubski) “I used the “Are Chimpanzees Cultural” video in my biological anthropology classes as an introduction to the discussion of culture and primates. “Love the animation” was the resounding response from students. What sets this video apart is the animation supports a clear message about how scientists define and determine culture in non-human primates. These definitions and the behavioral examples were a great springboard for the ensuing discussion.” – Cynthia Bradbury (Professor of Anthropology at Boise State University)

“What I like about The Advanced Apes is that it takes scholarly research and makes it accessible to the general public. They cover topics from the origins of the universe to chimpanzee culture and present them in a dynamic and engaging way. I share their posts, blogs, and podcasts with my Anthropology students on a regular basis.” – Dr. Tracy Prowse (Professor of Anthropology at McMaster University)

“The Advanced Apes shows the best kind of thinking: focused but with a cross-disciplinary perspective, concrete but with an eye on long history. Cadell’s intelligent engagement and enthusiasm make this a pleasure to read, listen to and watch.” – Matthew Pettit (Anthropology PhD Candidate at University of Toronto)

“The Advanced Apes is an in-depth science blog which tackles a vast range of subjects from evolutionary anthropology to space technology; genetics; the environment and my personal favourite – non-human primates. TAA not only informs readers through the written word but also via social media, and more recently podcasting involving other science contributors. It aims to communicate difficult and complex issues into a more accessible format for lay readers as well as those already aware of scientific matters at large. It’s a great platform for visitors who want to join the debate and have their voices heard.” – Asha Tanna (Science Reporter for Channel4 News)

“Cadell Last’s articles are well-researched, timely, thought-provoking, and insightful. Through his websites, Cadell is making an invaluable contribution to the advancement of education and to the popularization of science, ensuring that scientific writing is more accessible to a wider audience of people. In a technological era dominated by so many challenging issues, this is truly a laudable achievement. The more that people participate in this worldwide discussion, the sooner we will be able to craft solutions for a better future.” – Susan Ahn (Co-founder at The People Project)

“Cadell engages readers through thought-provoking and insightful analyses of the significance of our evolutionary connections with great ape species, and is helping to strengthen understanding and appreciation around the severity of the plight of our closest living relatives.” – Cari Bourrie (Jane Goodall Institute of Canada)


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