A Two-Planet Species

A Two-Planet Species


Two private companies have plans to colonize Mars this century: Mars-One and SpaceX.  The colonization of Mars would be an important achievement for our species, and it is a necessary next step for our long-term safety.  How realistic are these company’s plans?  Will both be successful?  What would this accomplishment mean for our future?

Full Article: A Two-Planet Species on The Advanced Apes


One thought on “A Two-Planet Species

  1. I have heard planetary geologists describe the “soil” on Mars as being “ferromagnetic”–so in short it would prove to be rather hazardous to so-called conventional living conditions. I don’t know how long it would take for the human species to successfully colonize the red planet–but it is fraught with problems.

    Personally, I find the plan important to humanity’s eventual survival. Just maybe, the initial challenges of re-learning to live together in a more “hazardous” milieu may help us to “respect” life more fully.

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