Decoding Our Family

Decoding Our Family In 2000 we sequenced the human genome.  Over the past decade primatologists have decoded the genome of all great apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos and orangutans).  Now we can compare, contrast and learn more about our genetic relationship with our closest relatives.  Throughout that time we have learned a tremendous amount about their … Continue reading Decoding Our Family


Evolution of Primate Sleep

Evolution of Primate Sleep Throughout my young career as a primate researcher I have focused on sleeping patterns in two different species (chimpanzees and ring-tailed lemurs).  This research has helped me piece together some of the most important patterns and trends that have characterized the evolution of primate sleep. Full Article: Evolution of Primate Sleep … Continue reading Evolution of Primate Sleep

Where Are All The Panins?

Where Are All The Panins? Over the past few decades palaeoanthropologists have uncovered hundreds of fossil fragments that belong to our hominin ancestors.  These fossils have allowed scientists to piece together our evolutionary history and better understand the pressures that led to our species unique characteristics.  However, there has been only two fossils of panins … Continue reading Where Are All The Panins?

Among African Apes

Among African Apes What is it like to be a primatologist?  There are several misconceptions and many people are interested in our closest relatives, but few people know exactly what it's like to conduct a primate field survey.  Among African Apes transports you into the researchers world and introduces you to several important aspects of … Continue reading Among African Apes

How Do Chimpanzees Mourn Their Dead?

How Do Chimpanzees Mourn Their Dead? Humans have complex rituals associated with the death another human being.  These rituals may be culturally dependent but it is also a characteristic trait for our entire species.  Do our closest relatives have rituals related to the death of another chimpanzee?  Do they understand what death is?  Do they … Continue reading How Do Chimpanzees Mourn Their Dead?

A Plea For Our Sister Species

A Plea For Our Sister Species Why is the human species seven billion strong while our closest relatives are on the brink of extinction?  In order to understand this survival discrepancy, we must first understand our shared evolutionary history. Full Article: A Plea For Our Sister Species on The Advanced Apes