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About Me (Welcome!):

I’m an evolutionary anthropologist (M.Sc.), with an interest in biocultural evolution, systems theory, replication, information, as well as the future of culture, technology, and consciousness.  My background is in anthropology, biology, cybernetics, and history.  I am currently working as a PhD student at the Global Brain Institute, and you can find my blog at The Advanced Apes.  Below you will find a sample of my academic publications, working papers, ongoing project, as well as a sample of my popular science writing:

Academic Publications:

Working Papers:

Ongoing Projects/Papers:

Find posters/presentations: here.

Popular Science:

My official blog is at The Advanced Apes, but I also post via the Huffington Post, and have published independently with Scientific American, Humanity+ Magazine, Jane Goodall Institute of Canada, American Humanist, among others.  Here is a selected sample: Small TAA logo

I have also built an animated science channel with animator/illustrator Alicia Herbert (partnered with PBS Digital Studios).  The channel explores evolutionary science and futurism.  You can find some of the videos below:

Finally, I’m generally interested in podcasts, radio, and other mediums for sharing ideas.  Here are a sample of appearances:

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