Connect and Express

I am someone who has dedicated his life to knowledge and truth [Who Am I?].  Over the course of this adventure I find my self increasingly reflecting back into my self.  In other words, the more I search for higher knowledge and deeper truth the more I find my self staring back at my self.  What is the purpose of my knowledge?  What is the meaning of my truth?  I think that at this stage of my life the answers to these questions have to do with an intimate desire to: connect with others and express self.  To connect means to be with and for the other; to express means to reveal depth on the surface of things.  The purpose of the following information is precisely about this desire.  In other words, if you are interested in my drive, I am interested in how I can bring my drive to you.  I want to be with and for you, I want my depth to influence the surface of our shared becoming.  Towards that end I offer a few professional services which may be of interest.

Sessions can be scheduled via Tier 5 offer on Patreon or via Live Coaching.


Are you a creative person?  Do you have a strong desire and drive to bring something new into the world?  Me too!  Throughout my intellectual adventure I have had a strong desire and drive to either contribute to world scientific knowledge or express myself in artistic truth (or both at the same time!).  Towards this goal I have successfully published in high level academic journals, reached thousands with popular blog articles, and developed a following through YouTube with science videos and philosophy lectures.  On this pathway I have learned many important transferable skills and built foundational character to thrive under pressure.  If you are someone that either wants to take their creative projects to the next level, needs feedback on a creative project, or sees potential for collaboration with me, please reach out.


What is the psychological nature of our deepest desires and drives?  Where do we get the urge to connect and express?  Why does it seem so difficult to understand our own minds?  What is the function of our dreams, imagination and self-consciousness?  What can we know about the unconscious dimensions of our minds?  What tools or methods are available to us to gain a better understanding of our selves?  If these questions run through your mind you may be interested in psychoanalysis.  I have spent several years in a doctoral program attempting to understand the foundations of philosophy and psychoanalysis, and have tried to work out how these forms of knowledge can be used to improve our lives.  If this intrigues you we can set up one-on-one courses focused on the basics of psychoanalysis, or we can also set up personal analytic sessions.


Sometimes the best idea, project, plan, or system simply requires the right other to listen.  Do you feel like your mind is filled with ideas and fantasies but you struggle to gain a systematic coherence or actualization?  Or, alternatively, do you struggle to really identify with an idea that would motivate you to actualize your self?  Either way the solution could be the right question, conversation, or word, and the right other to play with in order to take your self to another level.  If you are interested in finding your creativity or actualizing your creativity on a higher level reach out and we can connect in a causal format where we can brainstorm together and figure out what makes your mind come to life or what will get your mind to come to life in a new way.


Navigating the complexities of academic life can be insane: from picking the right school, professor or field of study; to learning how to publish your first paper, make your first conference presentation; or even how to transition between careers and positions.  I am someone who has walked this path from my early days as a college student / undergraduate to my later days completing my PhD program and trying to build a niche on a professional level.  I have published in many different academic contexts, have experience in the humanities, social sciences and physical sciences, presented at many international conferences, and have experimented with constructing many workshops and initiatives.  If you are in need of someone for emotional, intellectual or professional support navigating the complexities of academic life we can set up one-on-one help or counselling sessions to try to tackle the challenges you are confronting at the moment.


Our society has overlooked the spiritual and religious dimensions of our reality.  Consequently our spiritual and religious foundations are weak or non-existent in any pragmatic sense.  Throughout the course of my intellectual journey I have walked a strange path towards understanding spirituality and religion.  I have come to deeply appreciate the way in which many different traditions developed practices to help human beings cope with finitude, mortality, suffering as an existential condition; or to discover sacred knowledge, truth, and understanding about our place in the universe.  If you are someone struggling with spirituality and religion on either an intellectual or emotional level and need someone to develop your ideas or practices I am very open to sharing my own relation to these dimensions of existence in a way that can be helpful to your path.


The most difficult and challenging dimensions to life can be related to sexuality and intimate relationships.  These challenges may not be more difficult than in the past but they are certainly more complicated and confusing and disorienting.  In the past we had clear structures and normative rules helping us to control and regulate our sexual energy.  Today all of the clear structures and normative rules are weak or absent.  What does it mean to express sexual desire?  What does it mean to truly love?  How can we balance our desire and our love?  How can we integrate our sexual energy in a positive and healthy way over the course of a whole lifetime.  This energy is a source of tremendous affirmative expression which can cause construction and integration but also a source of disturbing negativity which can cause destruction and dissolution.  If you are interested in getting more insight and perspective on your sexual or intimate relational life reach out and we can set up sessions to help you work through your struggles or questions.